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At HCRC we offer comprehensive engineering consulting services with a 360º vision based on the experience of our team, the needs of our clients and the current market orientation, always prevailing in harmony with the environment to provide accurate recommendations and solutions. Our consultancy ranges from technical and financial feasibility studies for projects in initial phases, to specific studies for optimization or expansion of facilities in operation, going through the conceptual, design and start-up phases of the projects, including management or engineering consulting services. of the property.

engineering technical services

At HCRC we have a technical team capable of developing conceptual, basic and detailed engineering for renewable energy, industrial and building projects, offering the best and most optimal results based on the systematization of projects already executed, the capabilities of the equipment and the use of tools that guarantee efficient and quality designs. Among the main disciplines we offer, Mechanics, Electricity, Instrumentation, Civil and Processes stand out, each of them covering a wide spectrum of its branch in the field of renewable technologies, transmission systems, static and rotating equipment, turbo-machinery, systems of control, structures, among others. The technical office service also stands out, offering the technical support necessary to achieve objectives of coordination, supervision, control and unification of criteria in more advanced stages of the projects.


HCRC Renewable & Power Consultant has engineering specialists with experience in operations, maintenance and commissioning at the service of the energy industry. In the start-up stage, the commitment is to test each equipment, system or industrial installation of the process following the requirements of each project / client, looking for their optimal and maximum operating values. In order to achieve a safe and reliable transfer between the construction stage and the operations stage, ensuring reliability and performance. For HCRC Renewable & Power Consultant, the benefits of the adequate and coordinated implementation of the start-up materialize through better user comfort and productivity, the availability of more reliable, efficient, safe and more detailed facilities. documented and the extension of their useful life, which is why it is the company's policy to promote early integration between the commissioning teams with the project teams so that the construction and assembly are planned with a view to the commissioning requirements. running, throughout the life cycle of the project. This approach allows us to apply engineering techniques that identify and schedule start-up requirements early, allowing the timely detection of possible delays in planning and avoiding unexpected costs or better yet, optimizing available resources to improve performance. development of projects. We strive to ensure that commissioning procedures are developed in accordance with operational needs. HCRC Renewable & Power Consultant is able to meet customer needs thanks to the start-up experience of our group of specialists in different facilities located on 5 continents. HCRC Renewable & Power Consultant's multidisciplinary group of engineers and specialists adds value to each project through efficient knowledge transfer to the customer's operation and maintenance teams, minimizing the gap between customer expectations, design intent and the finished product. Ultimately, we deliver commissioner reports confirming that teams are meeting project expectations and internal client standards. HCRC Renewable & Power Consultant also includes the possibility of maintaining specialists for operational warranty periods or post-sale periods if required by the project.


HCRC provides its clients with qualified technical service personnel to work in high-risk areas, offshore locations, and remote sites around the world. This includes all the certifications and updated training, computer equipment and tools required to carry out their tasks, personal protection equipment according to the particular needs of each site and client. Among the key competencies, HCRC provides technical advice for the planning, evaluation and adequate and timely execution of the installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance activities in a wide variety of mechanical, electrical and instrumentation equipment in general for the industrial sector. , power generation, gas processing and renewable energies, based on the knowledge of more than 50 years of accumulated experience among its team of engineers.


HCRC Renewable & Power Consultant has specialists in dismantling and final closure of projects that, through sophisticated resources and adequate planning, manage to optimize and maximize the necessary actions in the removal of industrial facilities and relevant structures that have reached the end of their productive life in a given industry and the subsequent restoration of the industrial site to its previous state.
HCRC Renewable & Power Consultant presents its clients with closure plans that specify the measures to be adopted at the end of the useful life of the facility to be dismantled, with the aim of leaving the situations that may give rise to control and / or mitigated to unwanted environmental and social impacts during closure or abandonment, granting a long-term safe environmental condition.
After the end of the life or production cycle of an installation, or of a process system of a company, a closure plan must be put in place. This plan can range from the dismantling and demolition of those facilities that will not fulfill any function and may involve the alteration or deterioration of the environment, to the reconditioning of structures and recovery of land affected by the operation of the industry facilities, with with a view to eliminating the risk of accidents and contamination, as well as seeking a possible sustained use of the place.


For HCRC Renewable & Power Consultant, improving processes, shortening times, reducing costs and improving the quality of the final product are objectives and in some cases challenges that we carry out through study, field work and design processes that are based on the premise that all activity and production process is susceptible to improvement. Successful process optimization involves spending time and resources to properly understand each of these processes, their current state, and the data they produce. For this activity, having industrial analysts and consultants can be key to establishing the improvement phases well.
The group of specialists and engineers from HCRC Renewable & Power Consultant, initiates the study for optimization and improvements, analyzing the internal level of the installation or organization of the client, to achieve an improvement in productivity through a better system and execution of quality controls; In this way, with a redesign of the process and the necessary resources so that the new version is more optimal, the necessary changes are implemented, carrying out an exhaustive control of these implementations to facilitate the adaptation of the employees and fill the necessary gaps, such as such as training, new skills or understanding of the information obtained from data processing.

Engineering project developments from their conceptualization

For each and every one of these stages, HCRC Renewable & Power Consultant will offer its clients specialized technical consulting and project management services.